Deluxe Cabins receive a 4 Star Rating

We are very proud of our Deluxe Cabins and our effort from our staff in the assistance of our Deluxe Cabins being awarded a 4 Star Rating in the new AAA Star Rating Scheme for 2012.

We were a bit doubtful that we would be able to get the 4 Stars for the criteria of the scheme has changed. It was said that AAA Tourism had raised the bar for accommodation right across Australia and everyone would be awarded less stars under the new scheme. We were thinking we might get 3.5 stars, however with determination, hard work and a good product, we were officially awarded our 4 Stars Rating for our Deluxe Cabins in February 2012.

The new scheme has a big emphasis on Quality and Cleanliness, which we scored well in both areas across the park with a 98% for cleanliness both in all cabin accommodation and amenity buildings. This is a standard which we have always upheld during the 5 years we have owned and managed the Caravan Park and a standard we will continue to enforce across the whole park.

I was surprised that we even went up in ratings on our Budget Cabins from 2 Stars to 2.5 Stars and our Caravan Park up from 2.5 Stars to 3 Stars. This is a good improvement considering we were expecting to go down in star ratings or at most stay the same.

We received some great feedback from the assessor and we already have goals to improve on our park some more over the next 14 months in time for our next evaluation. There are a few things we can do to get Port Vincent Caravan Park & Seaside Cabins up to hopefully a 4 Star Rating across the whole park next time.


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  • This is quite possibly the best small caravan park we have visited just perfect for relaxing and having a well earned rest, I commend this little haven to anyone wishing to rest and relax!

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