Ensuring Quality with AAA Star Rating increase

As an owner/operator of Port Vincent Caravan Park & Seaside Cabins, I am always looking at ways to monitor standards at the park. I am not sure how many people use the star rating systems as a guide when choosing accommodation now days for I have heard contradictory reports but I use the Star Rating assessment program as a park operator as a indicator as to how our park is keeping up with maintenance and quality assurance for our own peace of mind and ensure in customer satisfaction. Even if our customers are not looking at the star ratings at the time of booking it is good to get an outside opinion. One with strict guidelines to know that we are providing the best product and experience possible.

This is why I was very pleased when our property was assessed by the AAA Star Rating assessor last week and I am happy to say that our Deluxe Cabins maintained their high star rating of 4 Stars and the caravan park went up half a star from 3 stars to 3.5 stars. The assessor even hinted that when we install our camp kitchen which is in the budget for this winter’s project that this will increase our chances of reaching the 4 Stars goal we have for the park next year.


4.04 Star Deluxe Cabin – Very well appointed accommodation reflecting stylish décor throughout and a high standard of facilities, furnishings and guest services

3.5 stars3.5 Star Caravan Park – Well appointed and comfortable accommodation with a good range of facilities and furnishings and the half STAR is awarded to properties that provide a more extensive range of facilities