Gala Day 2012

riot of colour

It was another spectacular end to Port Vincent New Years Day Gala Day celebrations 2012 with an amazing display of fireworks over the bay.

It was a lovely balmy night standing on the wharf and enjoying the atmosphere with a gentle sea breeze which was much welcomed after the heat of the day. It was very pleasant relaxing with family and friends and listening to the band playing outside the Ventnor Hotel before it was dark enough for the fireworks to begin.

The beach became a riot of colour with all the kids and there never ending assortment of glow sticks. There was plenty of food and drinks available from the local shops, hotel and extra food stalls along the beach front.

After the band announced their last song the fireworks began. Erupting into the night sky and filling it with colour. We also get an added bonus here in port Vincent because the fireworks are set on “the spit” out into the water so we also get wonderful

Truly awesome

reflections in the bay which doubles the impact and make a truly awesome sight.

The fireworks went for quite some time with an amazing grand finale which received a lot of ooooos and aaaaahs. I never get tired of watching fireworks and this year I took down my DSLR camera and tripod, set it to time laps and got some really good shots. This is some of them, I hope you enjoy them.

What a great start to a New Year. Happy New Year everyone 🙂

Grand Finale