Internet Hotspot now available

Port Vincent Caravan Park & Seaside Cabins now has wireless internet access.

As caravan park owners we have always been unsure as to whether we needed to provide internet access as we were under the impression that a lot of people had their own means to access the internet.  After a lot of research and listening to feedback from our customers we realised that the availability of internet at hospitality venues across Australia is increasing rapidly and becoming a service that is expected by guests to have on their lists of services offered.

We finally chose the company “NomadNet” to install a wireless internet hotspot for our caravan park for they have over 200 venues using the system across Australia.

It was a very simple process once we decided to do it. All we did was contact NomadNet and they sent a technician the very next day that installed two aerials in the caravan park and set up the computer and explained how it all worked. He gave us all the information to put in the compendiums, signage, brochures and some access cards to get us going.

We now stock a range of access cards to sell to our guests.  Once the guest purchases an access card, they follow the instructions of how to connect to the network which are supplied in the room compendium, or available from the reception.

One of the great features is that all guests who purchase a pre-paid NomadNet access card are able to use any remaining access time at any other participating NomadNet venue. i.e., if a guest uses 30 minutes of a 1, 2 or 5 Hour Multi Use Access Card, they are able to use their remaining time on their next visit or at another NomadNet venue in the days ahead on their journey.

We believe this is an excellent addition to our business which will enhance our visitors experience and broaden our target market by catering better for families and travelling business people.

I don’t know why we waited so long; we should have done it years ago!