Putt Putt Golf Course

Here is our latest winter project we have started working on here at Port Vincent Caravan Park &

9 holes fit perfectly on the beach front area

Seaside Cabins.

A few weeks ago we obtained permission to go ahead with a 9 hole putt putt golf course right on the beach front area. Although the beach and fishing is the main attraction in Port Vincent and there are plenty of play grounds in town, we wanted to add to our visitors experience and give them more choices of things to do for all ages.

We have layed out the 9 holes and they fit perfectly in the space we have. Next we have to add the under-fill and get the contours just right to make the holes slightly challenging. We can then lay the synthetic turf and add more obstacles for even more fun. After that we can pretty it up with some paving and landscaping to make the whole area fit in with the surroundings and it should look pretty good.

So keep checking in to see our progress and hopefully it will be finished in time for your next visit.