More Powered Sites available

It has been along time in the making but we have finally managed to move the last semi-permanent caravan from the beach side of the caravan park.

We were lucky enough to have the help of a local farmer and with a bit of imagination, we managed to move the last van (which had no hitch) to the other side of the road. Now we have all the semi-permanent caravans on one side of the park where they are well catered for in there own separate area and the beach front side of the caravan park is 100% dedicated to Tourist Accommodation.

We are now going to have 33% more sites to keep the caravan park open and spacious. As owners of the park it has always been our goal to keep the park open so everyone can enjoy the beautiful ocean views, which is why most people come to stay at Port Vincent. When we came to the park 5 years ago it was a mix of cabins, caravan sites and semi-permanent vans all in together. Now there is a complete separation of the two types of accommodation and we think it looks great and works well.

So come and see for yourself how much bigger the park looks. With a little bit more work to do on the new sites to get them ready for the Xmas season and the park will be looking fantastic!